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What to do with all this data?

On which page of my lab book did I describe the cloning experiment back then?

In which freezer box did the corresponding plasmids actually end up?

When do we need to order acetonitrile again?

A direct link to the HPLC data would also be very useful!

I dread the analysis of the screening data tomorrow, already!

How can we reconcile all our data? The constant search at five different locations is nerve-racking!

If these or similar questions are also bothering you, quattro research GmbH in Martinsried is the right address for you. The company has been working for ten years on the problems scientists face when handling data.

Biologists, chemists, bio-informaticians and computer scientists are working here every day to make the lives of their customers in the life sciences industry a little bit easier.

In addition to selling a variety of software solutions, such as the electronic lab notebook (ELN) quattro/LJ, we implement specific customer requirements and provide consulting for data management

Interested? Find out more about us and our work.


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