Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules (HELM)

  • HELM was developed by Pfizer as a new standard for the representation of macromolecules (like SMILES for small molecules).
  • HELM is now being advanced by the Pistoia Alliance.
  • quattro research has developed xHELM on behalf of the Pistoia Alliance. xHELM is an extension to the HELM notation, which facilitates the exchange of HELM structures between different organizations.  More about xHELM
  • Under the lead of Stefan Klostermann at Roche Innovation Center Penzberg, quattro research has helped to develop the HELM Antibody Editor (HAbE). This application is now also available from the Pistoia Alliance (see the videos below).


HELM Antibody Editor: What is it, what can it do? from Pistoia Alliance on Vimeo.

HELM ANtibody editor user guide demonstration

HAbE: User Guide Demonstration from Pistoia Alliance on Vimeo.

HELM 2.0