quattro think tank


The consulting team at quattro research are scientists from various fields, such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals and chemistry. We are experienced in managing and coordinating IT projects of various sizes. As we work closely with the development teams, we connect scientific requirements with feasible technical implementations.

As a link between scientifiy and technical requirements, we manage project developments and support you in the following areas, among others:

  • Management and implementation of user requirements
  • Conception of intuitive user interfaces including UX design
  • Realisation of agile concepts and coordination of the developer teams
  • Cross-team communication and continuous organisation of new features
  • Optimisation of development and production processes
  • Close project monitoring and support for project managers and users
  • Project-specific effort estimation for costs and assessment of benefits for different implementation scenarios
  • Support with (re)structuring of existing data for migration projects
  • Carrying out user training and creating documentation
  • Direct contact for our customers