Long-term cooperation

Our customers

A large number of companies in research and development benefit from our dynamic software solutions. As a matter of principle, we strive for long-term and close business relationships.

To achieve this, we work closely with our customers with a great deal of enthusiasm.


Please regard that for reasons of confidentiality, we can only name our partners & clients with consent. Our long-standing partners include:

  • International pharmaceutical companies (including four of the Top 25 Global Pharma Companies)
  • Leading chemical companies (including one of the Top 50 Global Chemical Companies)
  • Large biotech companies as well as smaller pharmaceutical companies

Exemplary and specific was Boehringer Ingelheim one of the first customers for our web-based quattro/CM version as a cross-site compound management system.

quattro/CM is connected to an external ERP ordering system and an internal logistics system in order to enable a smooth laboratory routine. Relevant information, such as compound safety information, can be transferred directly from the catalogue to quattro/CM and is thus available centrally.

During our long-standing partnership, many features were developed by us at the suggestion of and in cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim.