Product overview

Every biotech, pharmaceutical or chemical company has its own workflows and therefore unique software requirements. Our powerful software modules can be used independently or combined with each other to support these individual needs.

"As someone who has suffered under the LIMS system that most of you in this room use, let me say: it is a great pleasure to now be able to use quattro research's software. It makes life so much easier for us."

A quattro research customer at a compound management conference (translated from german)


Our Compound Management System supports your daily laboratory routine with the digital organisation of chemical and biological samples.

With quattro/CM you manage and document the complete life cycle of your substances: From purchase or synthesis, through registration, to warehouse management and consumption.

Analytical data of your substances can be managed and analysed with the quattro/BA extension.


Our electronic laboratory notebook supports collaborative and secure documentation of your experiments.

quattro/LJ can be used in various scientific fields for digital documentation and archiving of important laboratory records.

Measurement data can be stored directly to the appropriate laboratory notebook and are thus centrally available.


Our bioregistration system is currently in the development phase.

quattro/BR enables sequence-based registration of complex macromolecules and conjugates.

It supports all types of molecules and biological concepts and thus allows the complete registration of novel pharmacological substances and their relevant intermediates during development.

In order to be able to register complex polymers such as antibody-drug conjugates at the molecular level, the HELM notation is used.