What is quattro/LJ?

  • Our electronic laboratory notebook for digital recording of your experiments
  • Electronic documentation accessible at any time and from anywhere
  • Applicable to a variety of scientific fields

Intuitive user interface

Secure storage of sensitive data

Configurable laboratory notebook templates

Intellectual property is protected securely

Collaborative and location-independent work


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Improve your productivity.

Create custom templates to generate entries with just a few clicks.

  • For quick documentation of standard methods
  • Creation and management of own templates depending on individual needs
  • Use a selection of modules such as:
    » Free text
    » Chemical reactions incl. automatic stoichiometric calculations
    » Image files
    » Time tracking
    » and many more
  • We will gladly create more complex templates for you on request

Ease of use

Documentation with just a few clicks.

quattro/LJ enables intuitive, time-saving and safe documentation of experiments.

Our laboratory journal offers:

  • An option to create own templates ("Entry Designer")
  • The possibility to store test data
  • A smart search for browsing all entries and attachments
  • A simple review and finalisation process
  • Interfaces with other systems
  • Access to lab journal entries from any location


quattro/LJ supports interaction with almost any other system.

Link your lab notebook to, among others:

  • Chemistry databases
  • Compound management and registration systems
  • Substance logistics systems (e.g. quattro/CM)
  • LIMS systems
  • Company-wide user management, e.g. Active Directory, LDAP


Your data files exactly where you need it.

Files can be easily attached to each laboratory journal entry. This way you always have e.g. experiment documentation and results in the same place.

  • Even large amounts of data can be stored
  • Attachments are stored securely in the database
  • Support of different formats
  • Content of attachments can be searched by keywords or data points
  • Check-in/check-out mechanism for editing attachments


Store your data reliably in a safe place.

quattro/LJ offers complex security management with individual access control per laboratory notebook.

  • Adaptable to customer-specific security requirements
  • Monitoring read and write permissions
  • Audit trails are supported
  • Ensure the protection of intellectual property
  • Version control
  • Electronic signature

Efficient search

Quick and easy data retrieval

All entries and attachments can be searched with a full text search. In addition, specific filtering can be done by:

  • Experiment
  • Keyword
  • Project
  • Author
  • Chemical structures and substructures

Search results can be grouped and filtered to quickly find relevant information.

Our products

  • quattro/CM: Your inventory system for central and location-independent sample management
  • quattro/LJ: Your electronic lab notebook for collaborative work with laboratory documents
  • quattro/BR: Your sequence-based bio-registration