Scientific data warehouses

Inventiva, based in Dijon, France, is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough therapies in oncology, fibrosis, and rare diseases.

At quattro research, we are proud to be able to support research and development at Inventiva through a scientific data warehouse.

  • The heterogeneous data managed in Inventiva's data warehouse consists of : Screening results (HTS and HCS), an electronic lab notebook for DMPK and other biological results, chemical registration, and legacy data.
  • These are loaded into the warehouse using ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load).
  • The data mart is a layer within the data warehouse where the data is prepared for Inventiva's scientists' request.
  • Output data packages fall into three distinct categories: Reports, Data Analysis and Ad Hoc Queries.
  • Scientists can require these packages at three diverse levels, depending on what kind of question they ask: aggregated data, main results, and individual results.

Illustration of a central management of different data sources in a research and development environment.